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The Dear Hunter | CANCELLED

Valhalla Touring presents

The Dear Hunter | CANCELLED

7:30pm, Mon 3 June, 2024
MEOW, Wellington accessibility-icon
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THE DEAR HUNTER will perform in New Zealand for the first time, playing a career spanning

headline set at shows in Wellington and Auckland.

Known for charismatic frontman/songwriter/guitarist Casey Crescenzo’s series of concept

records and forays into prog, rock, folk and everything in between, they have built an ardent

following worldwide which have seen them sell out theatres across America and Europe.

It’s been almost a decade since Casey Crescenzo brought The Dear Hunter – both the band

and the character of the same name – to life with his 2006 debut full-length, Act I: The Lake

South, The River North. Although it was evident from his stint as singer of The Receiving End

Of Sirens, the record revealed Crescenzo’s incredibly inventive and ambitious musical flair,

something which has been evolving ever since. The two albums which followed – 2007’s Act

II: The Meaning Of, And All Things Regarding Ms. Leading and 2009’s Act III: Life And Death –

cemented him as a maverick, idiosyncratic talent whose music, while fitting a modern

aesthetic, was also from a bygone era.

Anachronistic and timeless in equal measure, the narrative of The Dear Hunter existed in

both the past and the present, its detailed plot standing simultaneously as an age-old and

new age fable. As that tale progressed, so did Crescenzo’s art, his experimental

compositions blurring the line between different genres to create a sound that was – and

still is – unique to the band. But then, halfway through the six envisioned Acts of the Dear

Hunter narrative, Crescenzo’s attention shifted. Between 2010 and 2011, the band recorded

a series of nine four-track EPs known as The Color Spectrum. Later released as a single

volume edition, each EP was a musical interpretation of a color from the visible spectrum,

showcasing the increasingly far-reaching ambitions for Crescenzo’s musical vision and his

inventive interpretation of the world around him. Two years later, the more mellow and

straightforward fifth full-length Migrant showcased a different side to the songwriter’s

talents, and he subsequently composed and recorded his first symphony Amour & Attrition.

With such a storied musical repertoire, it’s clear Crescenzo is no ordinary musician.

In 2015 and 2016, Crescenzo returned to the narrative of the anti-hero who shares the

band’s name, applying all of the knowledge and experience of the last ten years to new

chapters picking up where the story left off.

The personal growth that Crescenzo has experienced in his own life has shaped his songs.