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Monty Bevins "Time To Bide" Album Release Tour

Monty Bevins "Time To Bide" Album Release Tour

8:00pm, Wed 20 October, 2021
MEOW, Wellington

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Following on from the 7 years of constant touring that fuelled the EP 'Traveller", Monty's first 2 years as a father have defied him to delve deeply into what slowing down might uncover. Embracing change, reinventing life, and connecting to the source are themes that drive Monty's full-length debut, out this spring. With his world challenged and capacities stretched, Bevins goes about digging riches of a reflective and humbled kind, building an arc, across 10 tracks, of a moving journey into fatherhood. 

The opening track 'Be Here Now' is a frank, uplifting invitation to stand still and appreciate (a fitting introduction to Monty's new chapter). Recorded by Lee Prebble at the Surgery in Wellington, Monty's rich story telling voice floats over a warm acoustic guitar, the upbeat energy of the piece belying the weight of the theme - a tale of befriending this self he's been running from. And on it goes, with that conversation between groove and melody, carrying the substance of the stories. Ready, aim, fire; final words from the last track 'Distant Hum' dedicated to his son, and a close on this poignant chapter. 

Monty Bevins is a New Zealand based singer-songwriter known as a touching, spirited performer, whose soul-folk songs ask the big questions while telling the small stories. With a warm rich voice and articulate guitar grooves, Monty digs out and distills themes of tenderness, personal revolution and adventure.