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Dance Therapy Session 6: B2B2B

Froth and Insession Presents

Dance Therapy Session 6: B2B2B

8:30pm, Fri 5 July, 2024
San Fran, Wellington accessibility-icon
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Dance Therapy is coming back for its sixth session with its biggest line up yet!

A fusion of sound, light and movement designed to de-stress your body and mind. Treat yourself to a transformative evening where you can let loose, find release, and connect with others.

Our team of skilled Musical Therapists to guide your journey: Action Man, Calico, Chazz, J Swizzle, Kraajoy, Kravis, Lakeboon, Lerm, Nam Chucks, Rizzo, Stacey Lee, StragglyRodney

These therapists will take turns switching out every half hour, resulting in exciting new combinations of styles all night long, exciting!

We encourage you to embrace self-awareness, this is a space for expression and freedom but also a place of safety, manaaki and joy. There is a zero tolerance policy for any antisocial or discriminatory behavior.

Let's kanikani our way to a happier, healthier you!