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The Parent Group you wish you had with Rebecca Keil

Rebecca Keil

The Parent Group you wish you had with Rebecca Keil

6:30pm, Thu 11 August, 2022
The Tuning Fork, Auckland
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Rebecca Keil brings you a night out to let your guard down and have a laugh about the things that have almost broken you as a parent. Rebecca often wonders: 'Should I have enrolled in parenting classes? What if there was a class where they taught you things that are actually helpful when you become a parent?

Did you go to an antenatal classes where you fake-breastfed a weird teddy bear? What if there was a class you can attend where you learnt skills that might actually help you succeed as a parent?

Like hypothetically - a class that outlined what to do if your kid shits on the floor right behind a door and then you open the door and smoosh it through the carpet and then you panic and while you are panicking your kid closes the door behind you so now the poop is really smooshed and you're trapped in the room with the shit and it's like you're stuck in some sort of nightmare but you don't know what to do because this wasn't covered in antenatal class? Or how about the best technique to throw a toddler onto the top bunk when they have fallen asleep elsewhere? 

The lack of these practical hands-on classes has motivated Rebecca to come up with her own guide, she has named it 'The Parent Group You Wish You Had'. It's part-humour with a dash of what the fuck?'. Rebecca's no-holds-barred attitude will have you wishing you wore the 'I'm a mother of three who hasn't done my Kegels super liner' and not "just in case I need it 'I pretend I do my Kegels, but I totally don't'  light one'.

No topic is off limits and no parenting stone will be left unturned in her quest to create the perfect Parent Group. Let's get together as a collective of slightly below average parents and let what small amount of postpartum hair we still have down for a night out to laugh about what it's really like...