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Studio Hawknest Presents: Tiny Hawk Underground

Studio Hawknest Presents: Tiny Hawk Underground

8:00pm, Fri 3 June, 2022
MEOW, Wellington

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Studio Hawknest Presents: Tiny Hawk Underground

Swoop on down to Meow and prepare to shake yer tail feather with TWO bands and THREE DJs! This unique spread showcasing Pōneke’s fledging & elusive underground talent will be sure to send you soaring into a night of fuzzed-electro-dance energies.

Doors 8pm

Straight Up And Down

Kicking it off nice and face-melty, Straight Up And Down bust out space-rock neo-psychedelic flavours of rolling hooks steeped and marinated in the fuzziest of fuzzy fuzz.


Sowed in the fields of ambient-synth-techno, Grains have come to fruition as an explosive prog-electronica ensemble. By taking cuttings from celestial and dance-oriented electronic varieties and nurturing them in the soils of Pōneke’s live music scene, Grains serve up a musical muesli unlike anything else.

Jax Noble b2b Pothos

Indoctrinated into the underground music scene by some of Pōneke’s finest DJs, Jax Noble and Pothos are freshly-hatched and ready to provide your fix of spicy dance tracks from Electro and Techno, to Bass and Breaks.


MR MEATY BOY is a multi-disciplinary, Māori artist based in Pōneke. Bringing hints of the underground dance music scene of Ōtautahi, they describe their musical flavour as ‘techno fetish’ - avoiding simplistic categorisation of club music and encouraging a more playful and open response from listeners. They run a club night initiative with other Ōtautahi artists called WAY.PNT that endeavours to connect the artists of other underground scenes in Aotearoa with a community-first attitude.

Poster By Izzy Spencer-Owen,