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Mehana at Meow

Mehana at Meow

7:00pm, Thu 13 June, 2024
MEOW, Wellington accessibility-icon
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Join us for a night of authentic balkan music; rhythm, melody and heartache.

Mehana is a local music band known for their vibrant and energetic performances. They draw inspiration from various traditional musical styles, including Balkan folk and Romani music and Sefard. Their sound is characterized by lively rhythms, intricate melodies, and soulful vocals. The band members, who are multi-instrumentalists, skillfully blend instruments like accordion, violin, trumpet, clarinet, guitar, and percussion to create a rich and dynamic musical experience. Over the years, Mehana has gained a dedicated following in Wellington and beyond. They have performed at numerous festivals, cultural events, and music venues, captivating audiences with their infectious energy and authentic interpretations of traditional songs. Their live performances often feature spirited dancing, encouraging audience participation and creating a festive atmosphere.