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Dolphin Friendly ‘Unity’ Tour

Dolphin Friendly

Dolphin Friendly ‘Unity’ Tour

7:30pm, Sat 12 December, 2020
Tuning Fork, Auckland

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It’s Level 1 and we’re back on the road starting this winter with a mammoth tour around New Zealand! Lockdown has given us time to sculpt our sound, and this tour we promise new material, old material, huge sound, light shows, epic support, good company and our best show vibe yet! This stop we take our sound to The Tuning Fork, Auckland, where we are joined by local legends Mini Simmons and up comers PARK RD. 

As with all our tours, this one comes with a supportive message, movement and awareness that identifies pressing issues faced by our people and planet. The world has woken. It is speaking more loudly and more powerfully than we have seen in a long time that is shifting our people and our planet into much needed change. The fight for equality, cultural rights, anti-racial societies, and acknowledgement that ‘we are all one’ has never been stronger. The Unity Tour is our contribution, our support, our stance, and our acknowledgement that every human on this planet deserves the respect to be treated no differently to any other human. 

Our aim is to help combat the core of the broken societal system, ensuring our most vulnerable are protected from inequal societies and social mistreatment, and as a result, we have chosen savethechildren.co.nz as our choice of charity for 10% of tour profits. As always, you can guarantee a huge night of heavy Dolphin Friendly antics, all in the good nature of showing your support to issues that will help others. Let’s dance! R18.