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An Evening With Finn Johansson Plays The Hits

An Evening With Finn Johansson Plays The Hits

6:00pm, Sat 15 August, 2020
MEOW, Wellington

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Beloved songwriter Finn Johansson invites you to take his hand and come on a journey through 8 years of heartache and tenderness, in the most intimate way possible - solo. Just you and he.

From the heady Alt-Country days of Johnsonville City Nights all the way up to the sweaty fire of his latest single 6 Pack which just topped the local radio charts, every iteration of Finn is catered to, with a piano, a guitar and a microphone (and perhaps a karaoke-esque surprise or two) being the vehicles of delivery.

With a new album being tracked as you read this, and 3 EPs in the pipelines on top of that, this could be the last chance to see your favourite classic Finn Tunes. So get a ticket, or miss out and be gutted as.

Also merch wise, as well as the classic glamour shots, pinup posters, t-shirts and signature perfume, this show will mark the debut of FINN JOHANSSON ACTIUON FIGURES. So there's that.