Take A Break With These Tips For R U OK Day

Written by Annie Callaghan on 10th September, 2020
Take A Break With These Tips For R U OK Day

If there is just ONE thing that is certain in 2020, it is that we need to be checking in now more than ever on those around us. R U OK Day is a great chance for us to take a breather and acknowledge the facts that as an industry and a society, it has been a rough year. Whether you are dealing with working or schooling from home, feeling the lack of contact with friends and family, or just the feeling of being unable to jump on a plane and get away, we have a curated list of tips and playlists that you can tune into whenever you are feeling the need.

R U OK Guide

The team behind R U OK? Day has pulled together this handy guide which has tips, ideas and resources to help you share our message and encourage everyone in your community to learn what to say after R U OK?.

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Tourism New Zealand Meditation Album

Just because the borders are closed, doesn't mean our ears have to be! Tourism New Zealand has created this four-track meditation album that features the sounds of New Zealand, including native birdlife, bubbling geothermal mud pools, the Pacific colliding with the Tasman Sea, and the sound of the breeze moving through the forest.

Scroll your way to inner peace

If lockdown has taught us anything, its that time simply evaporates when you enter the rabbit hole that is TikTok! Whilst entertainment value is needed for all, social media can also be a force for good when it comes to education and understanding of healthy habits for the mind.

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Yoga with the homies

For all those working from home parents out there - we hear ya! There is only so much 'me time' one can snag in between zoom calls and teaching sessions. There is only so much the local park can give reprieve to, so why not try a family fun yoga session to get those happy endorphins kicking in for all!

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For our friends in the Stage Four section

City of Melbourne has released its latest edition to the 'Looking Out, Looking In' series curated by Rings Around Saturn and Emelyne Khor which features some magical ambient tracks to chill out to.