Featured Artist: Georgia Lines

Written by Jay-Dee Pitcaithly on 5th May, 2021
Featured Artist: Georgia Lines

Independent New Zealand artist Georgia Lines is off to a roaring start this year, after releasing her latest single 'No One Knows' and subsequent NZ tour alongside Auckland duo LAIIKA.  We had the opportunity to chat with the singer-songwriter the other week to get the low down on the new single and what's on the horizon for 2021 and beyond. 

You've just released your new single 'No One Knows', how did the writing and recording process go down?

I co-wrote 'No One Knows' with Djeisan Suskov in a writing session we did together after coming out of lockdown last year. During lockdown, I found that I wasn't super creative, but afterwards, I found there was so much internal processing and reflecting that had taken place during that time, which meant that heading into these sessions I had so much to write about. We actually wrote and recorded the song as a demo within the same day and was one of the first tracks written together! A few months later we decided to record a bunch of live elements/instruments and add them into the track, only to find that we actually loved our initial ideas that were captured in the very first recording we did of the song. So there was a huge amount of exploring different ideas and figuring out what we wanted the landscape of the sound to be like before deciding on the final version, which is what you hear now. Lyrically the song is all about wrestling with expectations and with doing things out of feeling a need to please others. I've struggled with people-pleasing for so long and coming out of lockdown (with so much time to stop and reflect) I was tired of all the noise and the opinions and doing things to make other people happy, which in turn is the conversation we had where the song began.

How would you describe your sound to someone who's never heard your music before?

I always find this question tricky... as I feel it morphs and changes but I would describe my sound as something leaning itself towards having elements of 90's Pop mixed with RnB & Soul.

Who would be your dream artist to work with if you had the chance?

I would love to work with Solange! She is such a deeply creative human and everything she does is incredible. Musically of course, but also her live shows & visually what she creates feels so intentional and has inspired me so much the past few years.

What was it like being back on the big stage after virtually a whole year with no gigs?

In terms of playing gigs after covid hit, I played an incredible intimate gig coming out of lockdown at Frieda's with 45 people. It was one of my most special gigs to date, purely because people were so appreciative of live music and were there to listen. The room was so silent while I was playing... you could hear a pin drop. Everyone was so present. That was the first gig I played after not playing for such a long time due to covid.

What else is on the horizon for 2021 and beyond?

2021 is panning out to be such an exciting year. We are working on finishing a bunch of singles which will be rolled out this year! Covid has meant so many things have changed and adapted due to the uncertainty of gigs and touring and the whole landscape to releasing music has shifted in some way, so in terms of beyond 2021, I have no clue what It might look like... But I'll keep releasing music, making things I'm proud of, play shows and embrace all the weird and wonderful moments that this musical journey might take me on.

Stream Georgia Lines single 'No One Knows' HERE. You can also watch a live performance of the single recorded at The 13th Floor below.