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NZ Blues & BBQ 2023 | BBQ Competition Entry


NZ Blues & BBQ 2023 | BBQ Competition Entry

12:00pm, Fri 24 November, 2023 - 6:00pm, Sun 26 November, 2023
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Event Details


All competitors must accept the terms and conditions of the event below.


Event Location

NZ Blues and BBQ Festival

Rotorua Village Green



24th & 25th November 2023

Promoter Contact Details

Name: Alia Branson – Black Label Barbecue - 0277334771

Email: team@blacklabelbarbecue.co.nz

NZBA & SCA Contact Details

Carl Granger & Luke Seeney

Competition entry fees

SCA Steak A $150 per entry

SCA Steak B $150 per entry

SCA Steak A & B $250

SCA Ancillary $25 per entry

NZBA $300 per team

Prices inc GST and are in NZD

Event Timetable

All teams bump in 1100 – 1400 Friday 24th November

Cooking window for SCA and NZBA will open 1600 Friday 24th November after your site


All teams bump out after gates close, Saturday 25th November 2230 - 2330, or Sunday 1000

– 1100.

Friday 24th November

High Steaks in Vegas

SCA Sanctioned Cookoff

1430 Team Briefing and Steak Selection (BBQ Stage)

1500 Gates Open (all vehicles etc must be outside the venue and sites fully set up

BEFORE gates open)

1600 Judges Training

1700 “Steak A” Hand in

1800 “Steak B” Hand in

1900 “Ancillary SHOW – Monster Burger” Hand in

2000 Prizegiving (BBQ Stage)

2230 Gates Closed

Saturday 25 th November

Lake of Fire

NZBA Sanctioned Competition

1100 Gates Open

1130 Judges Course

1200 Chicken Hand in -Open Chicken, any cut.

1300 Pork Ribs Hand in -Skinless pork ribs. A bone must be present in every rib.

1400 Pork Hand in -Shoulder, Neck, or Boston butt (all cuts skinless).

1500 Brisket Hand in -Whole, Flat, Half, or Point sections.

1600 Prizegiving (BBQ Stage)

Cash & Prizes (Minimum)


1st place $1000 cash + trophy

2nd place $400 cash + trophy

3 rd place $300 cash + trophy


1st place $1000 cash + trophy

2nd place $400 cash + trophy

3 rd place $300 cash + trophy

ANCILLARY – SHOW, Monster Burger:

1st place $200 cash + trophy

2nd place $150 cash + trophy

3rd place $75 cash + trophy

Peoples Choice $75 cash + Trophy and products


1st in category $500 cash + trophy

2nd in category $400 cash + trophy

3rd in category $300 cash + trophy

Best New NZBA Team:

$300 cash + Trophy

Total minimum cash prize pool total $10,500!

SCA $3900, NZBA $4800 + GC $1000 & RGC $500 (GC &a RGC Thanks to RUM & QUE)

Additional prizes down to 5 th may be added along with sponsored product.

General Event Conditions of Entry

Onsite First Aider- Site Manager

In Case of Accident/ Emergency

Minor injuries can be treated on-site, major injuries can be treated at Rotorua

Hospital (Lake Rd Rotorua), or call 111.

In Case of Fire- Use Team Fire Extinguishers. Out of Control fires,

111 must be called. Teams must always have own first aid kits and fire extinguishers on hand at all times.

Muster Point for any natural disaster/ fire, will be announced during team briefing.

Bumping In

Between 1100 – 1400 Friday. Please note these are subject to change.

Report to event management on arrival – accreditation (wrist bands or lanyards) will be provided on arrival. 

No Pits or equipment are to be set up in lane ways or emergency access ways. Barriers

must be placed in front of hot pits, to keep the public back. This is a public entry event, so please keep all BBQ gear inside your provided area.

If you are not able to meet the bump in times above special arrangements must be made with event manager in advance. No setting up or vehicle access will be permitted during times the event is open to the public. 

Bumping Out

After gates close, Saturday 2230 - 2330, or Sunday 1000 – 1100. Please 

All efforts will be made to safeguard the welfare and property of exhibitors / competitors, but the organisers cannot accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or injury sustained by exhibitors/vendors/competitors onsite.

Rubbish Bins will be provided – along with a charcoal bin. We encourage waste minimisation and will provide recycling and composting options, please use them.

Power is provided to each site. Teams must have their own currently tagged and tested leads and lights. Access points may be up to 20mtrs away from your site, please ensure you have adequate cords. Please note that some power is supplied by a generator, so keep powered appliances to a minimum. No deep-friers or other high usage appliances are permitted unless self-reliant and not relying on event power supply.

Water, Wash up Station will be provided, use it with respect! Clean up after yourself or risk having to take your dirty dishes home with you in the future!

Social Media No posting of team hand in boxes prior to final judging. But we do encourage you to promote your involvement at the event, please mention our fantastic sponsors and venue in your posts when you do share!

Comp Sites are on grass so please bring appropriate weights to hold your Gazebo and Equipment down.

Teams are required to bring their own cooking and safety equipment as per NZBA/SCA guidelines.

Weather The event will continue rain, hail or shine. Bring a Gazebo that will handle the heavy weather and ensure suitable weights are used. You will not be allowed to set up until you have suitable weights and equipment. No refunds for wet weather. The event may be re-scheduled due to weather that may affect the safety of competitors.

Alcohol we will have bars running during the event. Drinks to be consumed within the events Alcohol management plan & strict liquor licencing rules. However event management reserve the right to remove anyone for any antisocial or unsafe behaviour – at anytime, without explanation. 

Drug use will not be tolerated on site Security will be onsite at all times and if any team is caught with or using drugs they will be removed from the comp (This is non-negotiable) and face being banned from future events.

Steak will be provided according with SCA rules, no outside steak is to be used. All other proteins are the responsibility of the head cook/teams.

Selling food No teams are allowed to sell food or products at their cooking area. There is a separate application for food vendors. 

Unsuitable entry The promoter reserves the right to cancel the entry of any person deemed unsuitable for the event.

Wristbands/accreditation will be allocated on arrival and indicate you have read and understood this document, and consent to abide by the promotors and NZBA/SCA rules and regulations and must be worn at all times.

Sponsor branding Be respectful of our event sponsors – they are the ones who make these things happen, if you want to share content and include their logos, check with the event team first!

You are encouraged to support your sponsors and wave their flags within your allocated sites only.

Competition Rules

For full NZBA Rules, Terms & Conditions, please visit www.bbqalliance.co.nz


As per SCA rules entry and points are allocated to individual head cooks, you may have a support team, but the head cook must take the lead and do the majority of the cooking. Only the cook entered for Steak may cook the Steak hand in. 

All relevant rules for SCA can be found on their website www.steakcookoffs.com 

Venue Rules

No loud Music after 10.30pm.

Please keep your sites tidy and clean at all times. Teams must provide their own rubbish bars or bins at your site, all sites need to be tidy upon leaving, rubbish/skip bins will be provided to ensure all rubbish and debris is disposed of, off your site.

H&S Policies and Inspections

Food- no competition teams are permitted to supply food to the public. If you wish to register as a food vendor and sell food please contact event management to discuss appropriate licence requirements. 

For competition hand in meats, these need to be stored on ice or in a fridge, and keep within NZ Food safety standards at all times (we don’t want sick judges!)

Marquee Rules- If you are bringing your own marquee/gazebo, please ensure you bring sufficient weights or pegs. Sites are on grass.

Please ensure your Gazebo/ Marquee is made of Metal (Rather than Plastic) and sturdy, this is acceptable. Please note that the site can be windy at times.

Prohibited Items- no firearms. Use common sense to keep us all safe! 

Mandatory Gear Don’t forget your NZBA and SCA mandatory list of items, including a fire extinguisher and First Aid Kit.