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Love to say goodbye

The No. 3 Roskill Theatre Company

Love to say goodbye

7:00pm, Thu 11 March, 2021 - 10:00pm, Sat 13 March, 2021

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Mount Roskill is going through its biggest change since being built in the 50’s.

Marked for demolition, the house where Toa Fraser filmed his debut feature "No. 2" is brought to life once more.

The house has mana in the community and sits at the foot of  Puketāpapa, an otherwise unremarkable state house.

The No. 3 Roskill Theatre Company invites their neighbours to share an experience of high-quality art performed by their local Rangatahi.

Enjoy an evening with the newly formed theatre troupe as they present a plethora of original works reflective of their neighbourhood, their stories.


Thursday 11 March 2020 @ 7.00PM

Friday 12 March 2020 @ 7.00PM

Saturday 13 March @ 4.00PM

Saturday 13 March 2020 @ 7.00PM

Sunday 14 March @ 4.00PM

Tuesday 16 March @ 7.00PM

Wednesday 17 March @7.00PM

Sunday 21 March @ 4.00PM

Priority tickets available to local Roskill residents.