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Leave a Trace

Leave a Trace: Regenerative Land Festival

4:00pm, Fri 15 March, 2019 - 4:00pm, Sun 17 March, 2019
KIAH farm, NSW

Event Details

A regenerative land festival

“Leave a Trace”

A festival is an opportunity to completely create a society and culture. 

How do we want the world to be?

This festival is about regenerating the earth and its people. Bare landscape to forest, isolation to community.

Over two days and two nights 150 people will radically transform a landscape into a regenerative paradise. Workshops on food forestry, singing, syntropy, soil regeneration, weaving, permaculture design, mycology, yoga, alternative technology, cultural design, spiritual practice and other world changing explorations is our offering to help you do the best work you can for the greater good.

This is a model for the radical regeneration of farms, refugee camps, public spaces or any other form of available land that people inhabit anywhere in the world.

Price -

This festival is a non-monetary event. For your ticket please bring food to share in a community, subtropical trees and plants to be planted in the food forest, tools (at least 1 shovel for tree planting), all your water needs and any other gifts you can bring for the land and its people. We will eat together at every meal. Please bring your food contribution to our outdoor kitchen on arrival.

Core tenets -

Gift economy (actively find creative ways to give to the land and people around you without expectation)

Come prepared for your own needs

Endeavour to do work for the greater good of all things

Lift up the people around you

*This is an alcohol and drug free event. Children are welcome ❤

Please arrive with enough time to set up your tent and give your kitchen contributions before dinner at 6, followed by moonrise and opening ceremony.