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Get Your Sh*t Sorted! National Tour

Shelly Davies, Alicia McKay, and Lance Burdett

Get Your Sh*t Sorted! National Tour

3:00pm, Mon 5 July, 2021 - 8:00pm, Thu 8 July, 2021

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A Crisis Negotiator, a Strategist, and a Badass walk into a bar...

And whaddya get? An afternoon of anti-boring professional development, dinner, drinks, and a well-deserved night out with 3 of NZ's most straight-talking experts. They'll give you the no-bullshit take on being adaptable, resilient, strategic, powerful, and simply f*cking well in a world that, let's face it, isn't being particularly helpful.

Bring yourself, bring a mate, or bring the whole gahdamn team - 'cos 2020 was an asshole, and for lots of us 2021 hasn't been much better. But you know what? This IS the way life goes. We can't wait for it to get less messy. Instead, we need to find our own power within the chaos. We need to find ways to manage the unmanageable and survive what can sometimes feel un-f*cking-survivable.

So join Shelly, Lance, and Alicia. You deserve it. Upskill, have a laugh, get inspired, enjoy a great meal with a few drinks, and go home feeling just that bit more powerful in your own skin.

Get Your Sh*t Sorted, Tāmaki! 05 July 2021 | Okahu Bay, Auckland

Get Your Sh*t Sorted, Pōneke! 06 July 2021 | Wharewaka Function Centre, Wellington

Get Your Sh*t Sorted, Ōtautahi! 07 July 2021 | Papa Hou, Christchurch

Get Your Sh*t Sorted, Ōtepoti! 08 July 2021 | Glenroy Auditorium, Dunedin

The Crisis Negotiator

Ex-Police Crisis Negotiator Lance Burdett runs Warn International, delivering resiliency coaching to help people and organisations be safer, stronger, more adaptable, and ultimately: well.

With 22 years policing experience at the highest level and specialising in suicide intervention and predicting violent behaviour, Lance has expertise in responding to emergencies and communicating in challenging situations, and he has his own story of facing the realities of mental health, as well as some very entertaining and not-cringey-at-all poo jokes.

Lance has a master's degree in Terrorism, Safety and Security and was the National Advisor for NZ Police Negotiation Teams. He is the bestselling author of Behind the Lines and Dark Side of the Brain, and being in a room with him is like having your mind read - he can tell you exactly why you wake up every night at 1:13am, and he can tell you exactly what to do about it. 

The Strategist

Famous for not being a middle-aged white man, Alicia McKay is a Rebel Strategist delivering strategic leadership for a changing world with no buzzwords and no bullshit.

With a background as a policy analyst and strategic advisor, Alicia's on a mission to revolutionise professional development, cutting through the crap with real talk and helpful skills. A breath of fresh air inside the corporate drudgery, Alicia supports New Zealand and Australian senior leaders through personal and organisational transformation. 

She is the author of two books, From Strategy to Action: A Guide to Getting Sh*t Done in the Public Sector and You Don’t Need an MBA, and she has her own powerful and all-too-relatable story of facing the overwhelm and finding her way through it. You can find her in boardrooms across the Tasman, on stage, and on the internet, swearing a bit too much and helping people make sense and create change.

And the Badass

Known as the popping candy of the corporate world, Shelly Davies teaches humans who work in offices how to write shit that people will actually read. What's that you say? Not very sexy stuff?  Well people who attend her government and corporate trainings say different - in fact, they describe her work as life changing.

That's because after nearly a decade of running Shelly Davies Writing, Joy & Badassery with her potty-mouthed rockstar-vibe, Shelly's become known for her ability to bring her whole self to everything she does, show up with vulnerability and authenticity, and not give two f*cks whether anyone thinks that's appropriate at work (spoiler alert: the evidence would suggest it is, because business is booming).

Author of Good Shit I've Learned and Engaging with Māori for Success in Business, Shelly now not-so-secretly believes she just might be the love child of P!nk and Brene Brown. Her story is one of divorce, depression, obesity, of unravelling and untaming, of leaning more and more into her own truth, until eventually she felt powerful enough to carry it on her face.

This tour is hot on the heels of her hugely successful Truth, Power, Inspire roadshow with the Dairy Women's network in 2020.